WINNERS from our London Show Competition 2019

Class 1 Aircraft 1/48 and above
Gold Mr Foster Otto Doppledecker
Silver Simon Connell Horten 229
Silver Constantine Maliniwski P-40 K1
Bronze Constantine Malinowski P-51 D
Bronze Marcus Dante Gloster Meteor

Class 2 Aircraft 1/72 and smaller
Gold G. Vosinakis PO-2
Silver R Mardling Polikarpov KI-16
Silver Steve Welch BF-109
Class 3 Armour 1/48 and smaller
Gold Constantine Malnowski T-64 and M1A2
Silver Simon Connell Sherman and Kugelblitz
Class 4 Armour 1/35 and larger
Gold Mark Gilbert AMX-13
Silver G Vosinakis NKL Aerosan
Class 5 Dioramas
Gold Tim Forster Italia Front
Gold Kyle Cruikshank (whole display)
Class 6 Figures and Busts
Gold Andy Fettes Scavenger
Gold Mark Blowers Australian light Horse
Silver Kyke Cruikshank (whole display)
Class 7 Ships
Silver Alan Blyth HMS Dido
Bronze Mark Kendrick ORP Sokol
Class 8 Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Gold Roger Brown Military Vanship
Gold Ian Duthie Ball Tank
Silver Marcus Dante and A Nohekhan
Class 9 Cars etc
Gold Raf Sikorsky 1968 Fiat Abarth
Silver Bap Athwal Yamaha YZR
Silver Andrei Zharikov Ferrari
Class 10 Miscellaneous
Bronze Roger Brown Chariot
Class 11 Juniors
Special Award Monty Burton
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