NEW VENUE - London Plastic Modelling Show

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Competition Winners for December 2017


Aircraft 1/48 scale and larger

Gold:  Dave Ryan with his Bristol Fighter


Aircraft smaller than 1/48 scale

Gold:  Konstantine Malinovski with his TB-1


Military Vehicles 1/35 scale and larger

Gold:  Ewan Harper with his KV 8


Military Vehicles smaller than 1/35 scale

Gold:  Konstantine Malinovski with his Type 89



Gold: Alan Blyth with his SS Induna & U376


Figures and busts

Gold: Dominque Jadoul with his bust Nigel


Miscellaneous (including ships, cars, civilian and Sci-Fi subjects)

Gold: Magic Scale Modelling with ther U-SS2


Junior: Models all types and scales



Best of Show (adult)

Gold: Alan Blythe with his SS Induna & U376


Best of Show (junior)



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Categories 2018


1 Aircraft 1/72 and smaller

2 Aircraft 1/48 and larger

3 Armour 1/48 and smaller

4 Armour 1/35 and larger

5 Figures and Busts

6 Miscellaneous (sci-fi, ships, cars etc.)

7 Juniors

8 Dioramas and Vignettes